Male 16

Born on 10-8-2022
Male 16-3 Frenchie Bulldog Puppy
Male 16-1 Frenchie Bulldog Puppy
Male 16-2 Frenchie Bulldog Puppy
Male 16-4 Frenchie Bulldog Puppy
Male 16-5 Frenchie Bulldog Puppy



AKC Registered




These blue merles and the blue puppys are out of two face my blue merle stud dog. The mother is Blue mustang, she is a square body big headed dog. These puppys are dark blue in color. They have square head's and square body's like their mother. They are just in time for Christmas! Make an appointment to come by and pick out your new family member! We would like to meet you and tell you about these beautiful puppys! We take Pay Pal and they are doing a promotion, 12 months free financing! Get your puppy fast before they're gone. They go on sale December 1 through the 31, they will be 10% off!

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